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The 6-day Clan Ring offers some more challenging walking: three days are similar to the Tay Ring, while the other three climb above 550m/1800ft and require navigation skills on pathless sections. The route explores the southern edge of the Highlands, from where clans raided livestock from their Lowland neighbours, and passes sites of some of the fiercest clan battles.
The Clan Ring...

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Day 1 - Crieff to Comrie

Crieff, a gateway to the Highlands, is a natural and accessible start point for the Clan Ring, which explores the high ground to the west. The town was granted its Charter in 1218 and for centuries was an important centre for cattle trading. Drovers herded cattle from all over the Highlands & Islands to Crieff for the October Tryst, a market where they were bought by Lowland and English...

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Day 2 - Comrie to St Fillans

The area traversed by this walk is steeped in legend and history, going back thousands of years. Prehistoric people built the now demolished stone circle at Drum Na Cille (‘ridge of the church’) and an artificial island in Loch Earn. The island, just offshore from St Fillans, became the stronghold of the Neish clan in the 16th and 17th centuries. In Glen Boltachan, the Neishes were...

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Day 3 - St Fillans to Balquhidder

Two disused railway lines are use by this route: the east-west Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway, which was completed in 1905 and linked to the south-north Callander and Oban Railway, which had been completed in 1880. Both proved uneconomic and they were closed in 1951 and 1965 respectively. Many of the bridges and other infrastructure are still in place.
This walk takes you...

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Day 4 - Balquhidder to Killin

This part of the Ring of Breadalbane long distance walk starts at Rob Roy MacGregor’s grave in Balquhidder and visits the rallying point of Clan MacLaren, whose lands were plundered by the MacGregors. It finishes by the burial ground in Killin of Clan Macnab, who held the country to the east.
This section is one of the more challenging parts of the walk, with the route climbing to...

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Day 5 - Killin to St Fillans

The walk starts by the burial ground in Killin of Clan MacNab, who held the country around the west end of Loch Tay. Just before Christmas 1612, their neighbours to the south, Clan Neish, intercepted and stole the food and drink they were bringing home from Crieff. When the clan chief heard what had happened, he is reputed to have said cryptically to his sons “the night is the night if...

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Day 6 - St Fillans to Crieff

As this walk leaves St Fillans there are views to Dundurn, a rocky hill sticking up in the middle of the strath that was the site of a hill fort. It was in a strategic position on the frontier between the Picts and the Scots, before they were united in the kingdom of Scotland in the 9th century. Shaky Toon. The route follows the River Earn downstream, running through Comrie, which is nicknamed...

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