Trail Section 3 - Crieff to Aberfeldy



40 miles

Total ascent



6-7 hours

This is a very tough exhilarating journey with stunning mountain views and wildlife. Lots of Deer and Grouse.

The route is demanding as there are long stretches of steep uphill tracks at Monzie, Glen Almond and Glen Quaich. The track down from Glen Quaich to Aberfeldy is very bumpy but exhilarating but shouldn't be attempted in poor visibility. The C road route down to Kenmore is an alternative in bad weather. Only suitable for Mountain bikes or strong trail bikes with suspension. Not suitable for road bikes. Not suitable for young children because of its length and steepness.

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  • The views west from above Monzie and at the top of Glen Quaich are some of the best in Scotland.
  • The 5 mile downhill track to Aberfeldy makes up for the long and steep haul up Glen Quaich.

Essential Info

Section no.


Section name

Crieff to Aberfeldy


James Square in Crieff


Aberfeldy Watermill




6-7 hours


40 miles (approx)

Total ascent


Highest point



Approx 50% Landrover track, some rough and bumpy, other smooth, 45% C roads with steep hills,5% A and B roads.

Getting There

Start from James Square in the middle of Crieff.

Route Description

View the embedded image gallery online at:

James Square

Turn left into Hill street signposted the Knock, at top of the hill bear left and carry on past the stables.

Ignore right turn up to riding arena.

Turn right onto track signposted Gilmerton 1.5 miles

Bear right then sharp left onto small path signposted Gilmerton 3/4 mile.

Turn left onto hard track follow sign to Gilmerton.

Turn left onto A85 then sharp left onto A822 signposted Monzie.

After 1/4 mile turn left onto minor road to Monzie, signposted 3/4 mile. In Monzie turn right at disused humpback bridge onto small road with no through road sign.

Go to the top of the hill and rejoin A8222 to GlenAlmond.

At Foulford Inn turn left onto military road.

Turn right off hard track onto grassy track heading North East.

Go through gate with sign saying main road and turn right(East) Follow grassy track, bumpy in parts, down to the main road. Lovely views into Sma Glen and lots of grouse and other birds.

End of track go through gate onto A822 and head back towards Crieff.

Turn left onto B8063 to Buchanty 1.5 miles.

Turn left to LogieAlmond.

Turn left into drive to GlenAlmond House. First fork in road bear left

Fork in road turn right.

At steading bear right and keep between two sets of power lines all the time.

Bear left down to new bridge and then go on up hill.

Top of the hill, looking down towards Glen Quaich

Bear left towards pylons, now on RHS of both sets of pylons, new Pylon track on RHS. This may eventually go all the way to Amulree butnstill under construction.

Follow track down to main road A8222

Turn right towards Corrymuckloch and Amulree

Go through Amulree, past Lonely Gallery and bear left just before bridge, go over old bridge and bear left onto track. Follow track with Loch Freuchie to LHS.

At head of Loch Freuchie go through gate to farm and follow track to main road.

At road turn right and cycle up through Glen Quaich approx until you see a sign saying road unsuitable in winter and for Caravans and long vehicles.
There is now a long uphill of around 3 miles with very steep sections and fantastic views south and north.

Note at this point my notes were lost so will need to double check waypoints when GPS track plotted.

At small Lochan climb over style (be careful of Electric fence) and follow the track eastwards. The track is rocky and this part of the route should only be done in good visibility, if the weather is bad an alternative route down the main road to Kenmore then east to Aberfeldy should be taken.

Bear right, do not take left part of track. Follow hill down.

Bear right just after intersection of new pylon route, do not go down through fences into excavations.

Follow track down to Urlar farm and sign saying no walkers through farm, go through farm onto tarred road and hill down to Aberfeldy.

Fantastic view of Aberfeldy, follow road down past Birks of Aberfeldy
(worth a detour for beautiful trees and stream.)

Bear left onto main road A826 and follow down into Aberfeldy at traffic lights turn right into centre of town.

End of route Aberfeldy water Mill. Have a well earned drink and try out amazing cakes.


The map below is intended for guidance only. You will need a compass and OS Explorer maps 365, 368, 378 and 379. You may zoom in and move the map around to see the route in more detail.
Click here to see a full screen Ordnance Survey map of the route

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