Loch Tay Visitor Attractions The Birks Cinema 3326 <div>The fully refurbished single-screen cinema offers a film-tastic 100-seat auditorium with spacious, comfortable seating and state-of-the art digital projection and sound system. <p>Audiences can enjoy the latest movie releases as well as broadcast live events (theatre, opera, ballet), while enjoying a glass of local beer or wine too!</p> <p>The welcoming cafe-bar offers a wide selection of coffees, teas, local cakes, snacks (popcorn and sweets), as well as an enticing range of soft-drinks, beers and wines.</p> <p>Our mezzanine level hosts live Celtic acoustic music on Thursday evenings – check our website for details of other events. As a community-owned charitable venture, your visit makes a real contribution to Highland Perthshire too!</p> <p>For film and event listings, tickets, film reviews and the latest movie news, plus the full story behind the restoration of the Birks, just follow the links here. Don’t forget to find out about our fantastic value family tickets or our much loved “Couples” seats!</p> </div> Moirlanich Longhouse 2521 <div>A traditional 19th Century cruck frame cottage and byre in the care of the National Trust for Scotland.</div> Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve 1699 <div>Ben Lawers Nature Reserve is a range of mountains, connecting ridges, cliffs and lochans, built of ancient rocks, folded and faulted in picturesque contortions, and home to the most celebrated collection of mountain plants in Britain. These surviving outliers of the arctic and alpine floras, relict and isolated, require sensitive protection and management. <br /> <br />Be alert and you may be rewarded with exciting sightings of the following: <br /> <br />Black grouse: In decline, but gaining from our enhancement of its woodland and moorland habitats. <br />Mammals: Tell-tale signs such as droppings, footprints and burrows may be all that is seen of wary beasts such as fox, wildcat or otter. <br />Mountain ringlet: Our best known special butterfly, a local, upland species, abundant here on sunny days in July. <br />Raven: Hard to miss as it proclaims its presence with a loud throaty croak, and displays its aerobatic skills. <br />Frog: Thrives on these hills, and often jumps just under your feet! <br /> <br />The mountain plants discovered in the 18th century are the reason why most field botanists aspire to visit these hills at least once. They are the reason why the Trust bought these hills – to conserve the rare plant communities and species of national and international importance. Ben Lawers is home to several of our rarest plants, such as alpine gentian, alpine woodsia, alpine mouse–ear, alpine saxifrage, alpine fleabane &amp; alpine gentian, to name but a few... <br /> <br />Experience the varied plants and wildlife on the Reserve by walking around the Nature Trail, an area slowly returning to a dynamic, sparse, patchy woodland habitat for an increased variety of life. This 1km loop passes close to the Edramucky Burn, before climbing gently out of the gorge to reveal stunning views of Loch Tay and the mountains beyond. <br /> <br />Please don’t pick the wild plants. Leave them for everyone to enjoy! <br /> <br /> <a href="http://portal.highlandperthshire.org/eventsaberfeldy/2047-ben-lawers-national-nature-reserve" target="_blank">Click here to see all the guided walks and events at Ben Lawers Nature Reserve.</a></div> Castle Menzies 1005 <div>Castle Menzies is a spectacular sixteenth century Scottish castle, restored during the twentieth century by the <a href="http://www.menzies.org/" target="_blank">Menzies Clan Society</a>. Architecturally fascinating, it is a splendid Renaissance example of the transition in Scottish castles from earlier rugged Highland fortresses to later mansion houses.<br />The Castle was the seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies for over 400 years. Situated in a strategic location, it was involved in much of the turbulent history of the Highlands. During the second Jacobite rising the Castle hosted both Bonnie Prince Charlie, who rested on his way to Culloden in 1746 and, just four days later, the Duke of Cumberland, son of the British Monarch and commander of the Government forces.<br />Rescued as a ruin in 1957 by the then recently re-formed Menzies Clan Society, the Castle has been lovingly restored by generations of Society members and was placed into a charitable trust in 1993. It is open to all as a visitor attraction, museum, Clan centre for the Menzies Clan and venue for weddings, concerts and other hire. All proceeds are exclusively used for the continued restoration and maintenance of the Castle, its Walled Garden and the Old Kirk of Weem.</div> Bolfracks Estate 1000 <div>Bolfracks Estate is a 4,000 acre privately owned family estate surrounded by the glorious arena of highland Perthshire.<br /><br />Bolfracks House has very special gardens, which are an oasis of peace and colour with an impressive collection of rare and unusual plants. The garden is open to the public from the 1st of April through to 31st October and provides excellent views over the Tay valley. <br /><br />There is no record of exactly when the gardens at Bolfracks were first created, although a map dating from 1767 shows the gardens as they are currently to be found. Over time the garden has been largely redesigned and replanted.&nbsp; Apart from the walled garden there is also a less formal wooded garden with a burn. A large collection of ericaceous plants including rhododendron, predominantly dwarf species and hybrids, azaleas, daphnes, heaths, phyllodoces, polygolas etc. The summerhouse was built in about 1930 for Mr Hutchinson and his brother and sisters as children. <br /><br />The garden contains a very extensive collection of trees, shrubs, bulbs and perennials. The family mausoleum in the burial ground contains the tombs of two members of the Menzies family and their wives, who originally developed the garden. The property passed out of the hands of the Menzies in 1806. <br /><br />The combination of self-catering accommodation, outdoor activities and highland hospitality makes Bolfracks Estate the perfect choice for a sporting break, corporate day out or simply a family holiday. Walking, clay shooting, stalking and fishing are just some of the activities available to visitors.</div>