Strathearn Visitor Attractions Cultybraggan Camp 3765 Stop off at Cultybraggan Camp to explore one of the best preserved WW2 PoW camps in Britain and discover how community ownership has helped locals use the Camp today as a place to grow food, do business and have fun. <br /> <br />Visit the Comrie Heritage Centre at Hut 1 where you can pick up a self-guided tour leaflet to help you explore the history of the site. You can also make use of the abundance of open space including the Comrie Community Orchard and sports fields. With all the village resources of Comrie nearby and access to the network of local paths, opportunities for adventure are never far away. Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre 2584 Wildlife centre with over 70 species of animals and birds. Indoor and outdoor play areas. Soft play barn. Pony rides. Torlum Coffee Shop with hot and cold fresh food &amp; home baking. The Famous Grouse Experience 2568 Learn all about Scotland's no.1 selling whisky! Earthquake House 2519 The southern boundary of Breadalbane is defined by the&nbsp; HighlandBoundary Fault, a major SW-NE trending dislocation which runs&nbsp; from Achill Island on the west coast of Ireland to Stonehaven, south of Aberdeen.&nbsp; Movements on the fault have occurred in historic times and in the 19th century a series of movements on the fault, or minor associated faults,&nbsp; resulted in the construction of a building to house one of the world's&nbsp; first permanent earthquake recording instruments (seismometer) at&nbsp; Comrie.&nbsp; You can still see a working seismometer through the window of the Eartquake House.